What To Expect

Everyone is a little nervous the first time they visit someplace new. Here’s a little bit of what you can expect.

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How to Help a Loved One

The 33 million Americans who suffer with hearing loss are loved by someone who wants to help.

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Hearing Aids

The truth, if you are hearing impaired, you will benefit from wearing hearing aids, period.

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Hearing Library

Some things you may want to know but didn’t know who to ask about hearing loss and hearing aids.

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With over twenty two years of practicing audiology in Youngstown, Ohio, we have had the pleasure of helping thousands of people improve their hearing and start enjoying life again. Hearing loss impacts each life differently and we offer individualized care and solutions for each patient. We know that your success is highly dependent on our expertise in selecting the right products for you and then assisting you in the acclimation process.

We carry a full selection of hearing aids and assistive devices, including new cosmetically appealing styles and digital models with advanced features to meet your specific hearing aids. Along with providing quality products, we focus on great customer service to ensure that you enjoy your hearing aids not just the day you get them but five years from then. We look forward to meeting you and improving you ability to hear.

Prevention and treatment of drug-induced hearing loss.

A new special publication orchestrated by five of the nation’s leading hearing experts compiles the latest research into hearing loss caused by drugs and solvents – how it occurs, how to treat it, and how to prevent it. Click Here to Read More

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Are the Eyes the Window Into Memory Loss?

What if all that was required to foretell memory problems was a simple eye exam? Click Here to Read More

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Can Hearing Loss Cause Depression, Especially in Women?

According to a study published on March 6, 2014 hearing loss is associated with depression among American adults, especially women and those younger than age 70. In the new study, the research indicated that as hearing declined, the percentage of depressed adults increased — from about 5 percent in those who had no hearing problems to […]

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Ears and hearing: How do they work?

Ears are delicate and sensitive organs. The ear is also important for maintaining balance. Click Here to Read More

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