How to Convince Someone They Have a Problem Hearing

If you live with someone who is struggling to hear, then this article is for you.  Convincing someone that they have a problem hearing can be a daunting task. Typically the individual with the problem either doesn’t recognize that a problem exists or they don’t realize how bad the problem has become.  Hearing loss (the majority […]

Why reduce background noise in restaurants?

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What Does it Mean if I Have “Normal Hearing’?

You had your hearing checked a few years ago and you were told at that time that you had normal to borderline normal hearing. You think it might be time to have it checked again because you’ve been noticing that you don’t hear as well as you used to.  You’re also wondering what it means if […]

Can’t hear in noisy places?

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Why Do We Lose Our Hearing as We Get Older?

Presbycusis is the loss of hearing that gradually occurs in most individuals as they grow older. Hearing loss is a common disorder associated with aging. About 30-35 percent of adults between the ages of 65 and 75 years have a hearing loss. It is estimated that 40-50 percent of people 75 and older have a […]

It Might be Time to Get Your Hearing Checked.

First of all it’s never a bad idea to get your hearing checked even if you don’t think you’re having any problems hearing.  A baseline assessment of your hearing can always be used as a comparison years from now when you’re sure you have a problem. But back to the original question, “Is it time […]

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Dining out may be bad for your ears.

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Learn to communicate better.

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