Farmers suffer hearing loss.

Paul Houglum knows farming has taken its toll on his hearing. Click Here to Read More

Can Stress Cause Hearing Loss?

Does stress cause hearing loss?  Or does hearing loss cause stress?  It’s quite possible that the answer to both questions is, yes. CAN STRESS CAUSE HEARING LOSS? A study published in The International Journal of Tinnitus examined forty patients hospitalized with sudden hearing loss and tinnitus and compared them to a control group of inpatients of […]

5 ways you’re damaging your hearing.

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Huey Lewis and the News cancel all 2018 performances due to hearing loss.

The band announced the news on their Twitter page on Friday with a lengthy explanatory note from Lewis detailing his hearing loss and its impact on his singing ability.   Click Here to Read More

Spring Allergies Can Cause Hearing Loss

  In spite of the unseasonably cool weather in many parts of the country, spring is here and allergy season has begun.  Millions of Americans suffer from allergies and late March/early April typically means the start of a runny nose, watery eyes, sneezing and other miserable allergy symptoms. Allergy is the term used to describe an […]

Hearing loss incidence expected to double by 2060

Hearing loss has been tied to accelerated cognitive decline, poorer physical functioning and higher healthcare costs. Click Here to Read More

Royal Opera House orchestra was so loud a violist says it ruined his hearing.

Its roaring brass section is so epic and loud that Francis Ford Coppola used it in the iconic helicopter-attack scene from “Apocalypse Now.”   Click Here to Read More

How to Convince Someone They Have a Problem Hearing

If you live with someone who is struggling to hear, then this article is for you.  Convincing someone that they have a problem hearing can be a daunting task. Typically the individual with the problem either doesn’t recognize that a problem exists or they don’t realize how bad the problem has become.  Hearing loss (the majority […]

Can a Problem Hearing Impact Your Personality?

In a recent study published in the Journal of Personality it was determined that hearing loss among older adults leaves a deep impact on their personality. The researchers studied 400 people in the age group of 80-98 over a period of six years. The team investigated a change in two personality traits: Extraversion – Extraversion is defined […]

Why Men Often Avoid Getting Hearing Aids

Three men out walking, and one says: “Windy, isn’t it?” Second replies: “No, it’s Thursday!” Third responds: “So am I. Let’s get a beer.” The reality of living with a hearing loss is not funny. Click Here to Read More