What is Hyperacusis?

HYPERACUSIS DEFINED Hyperacusis is the medical term used to describe abnormal and severe discomfort caused by sounds that are tolerable to listeners with normal hearing. The sounds do not have to be loud but can be sounds that are part of the listener’s everyday environment. SIGNS OF HYPERACUSIS Reduced tolerance to sound Increase sensitivity to […]

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Hunting and other shooting sports can damage your hearing.

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Help for Hearing Loss Caused by Sudden Loud Sounds

If you have ever been exposed to a sudden loud sound that caused your ears to ring and everything sounded muffled for a little bit then consider yourself lucky.  If that sound had been a little bit louder it might have caused changes to your ability to hear that would have been permanent and irreversible. […]

Spinning Class Noise is 9 Times Higher Than Recommended

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Do I have to be around loud sounds for years to damage my hearing?

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