Giving New Life with Old Hearing Aids

When you’re ready to upgrade to a new hearing device, what on earth do you do with the old, used ones you’ve had for years? Recycle them of course! Through the gift of giving, your old hearing aids can be cleaned and refurbished and given to someone in need.
People often go without hearing devices that could desperately use them, simply because the cost is too high. When treatment for hearing loss goes untended, you lose out on opportunities to do or enjoy certain aspects of life. For many, daily tasks such as enjoying entertainment, talking with friends, or listening to your kids tell about their adventures are difficult due to hearing loss.
By recycling them, you can offer the opportunity to someone who may be missing out on these events in life. Organizations such as Lions Club, Sertoma, Starkey, and Hearing Aid Projects as well as many others, offer programs that work to collect, clean, or refurbish used hearing aids so that they are as good as new. They are then put into a bank and donated to those who are unable to afford to purchase a device on their own.
If the device can’t be refurbished, it’s often stripped of any useful parts and the organization is given credit for these parts. They can then use the credit to purchase new hearing aids and donate those to others in need.
You can help out children whose parents can’t afford to buy hearing aids for them by recycling your kid’s used hearing aids. These are specially sized and oriented for smaller bodies and an adult sized device just won’t fit correctly. Once your child outgrows or upgrades from their device, you can offer the same opportunity they had to another through your generosity.
The benefits of these recycled donation programs are huge. For the youngsters who otherwise would have delayed learning, they now have the possibility to overcome this slower process and many are able to keep up with their peers in school. For kids who have both moderate or severe hearing loss, being able to interact more positively with others also helps many with their confidence.
The possibilities of hearing their friends clearly when they call their name across the playground or to share whispered secrets can really lift their spirits. Your hearing aid donation can help children of any age whose parents are unable to offer them this opportunity.
Whether you’ve upgraded to the latest and greatest model with all the bells and whistles or replaced a model that didn’t quite live up to your expectations, you have lots of recycle options. There are many groups who offer these services across North America and Canada as well as internationally. And while lots of kids are able to receive hearing aids every year, there is a large dynamic of people who receive assistance from programs like this.
Among them are veterans in every branch of the military, retirees living on a set budget and people with special needs beyond hearing loss. Some are adults who just don’t make enough to afford what isn’t considered a necessity, and others are children who are just trying to grow up and get by.
These donations can help those less fortunate get a leg up when they need it most. Not everyone has the financial opportunity to afford these services. When someone receives a donated device, it could help them hear well enough to get a job they weren’t otherwise able to land. Others are able to advance themselves in their career.
Often people feel shut off from those around them as their hearing diminishes. This can lead to depression, moodiness, and fear. It contributes to difficulties at work as well as in personal relationships with parents, spouses, and children as well as friends and coworkers. Stress and tension multiply as the feeling of helplessness increases. When people seek the help, they need but realize cost might be a factor in whether or not they can receive the device they need to hear well again, feelings of despair and loss of hope can seem overwhelming.
By donating a hearing aid, you can offer a sound filled future to someone who otherwise wouldn’t be able to enjoy it. From hearing the birds twittering in the trees to enjoying their grandkids band concert, there is someone out there waiting for the moment a hearing aid becomes available.
It doesn’t require a college degree or a large cash donation to invest in someone else’s future. Just the simple gift of sending something you no longer use to the right source can help someone who has hoped and prayed for just this type of assistance.
For the mother down on her luck, your used device can offer her the tools to hear well enough to go out and get a job she otherwise wouldn’t have had the opportunity to get. For the young child who hears muffled sounds, you can offer her the chance to hear her daddy read a bedtime story and not have to guess at what he might be talking about. For the veteran who fought for our freedom, you offer them the freedom to hear you say, ‘Thank you for your service.’
If you have a hearing device to donate, do some research to find a program you can recycle your hearing device through. If you or someone you love is dealing with hearing loss, contact any of the above programs to see if you qualify to be a recipient. A qualified audiologist can also point you in a direction that will help you both send or receive a hearing aid. Call us today to talk about the options available.


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