Three Tips For Picking The Right Audiologist

Finding a general healthcare office that is professional, helpful, and fits your lifestyle is a formidable task in itself for some, but seeking out a specialized professional such as an audiologist can be even more daunting. Searching online may provide you with a long list of names and offices near you, but with little detail, often forcing you to make an appointment or phone call to learn whether they take your insurance, are professional and polite, or can provide the services you truly need. In a country of 12,800 audiologists and a shrinking audiologist population, how do you find the right audiologist for your specific hearing loss needs? Here are three tips to ensure your next audiologist is the right choice for you.

Ask Your Doctor for Advice or a Referral

Seeking out the advice of a medical professional who knows you and your hearing complications is always sound advice, and referrals are a great way of receiving a helpful recommendation while allowing your primary care physician to keep track of your care. Referrals are often to specialists in your area, your primary care physician’s network, and come with high recommendations regarding experience and qualifications. Knowing your specialist is highly recommended, sees numerous patients, is trusted by your primary care physician, and is relatively local can ease anxiety and make finding a new audiologist that can treat your hearing diagnosis a simple process instead of a frustrating trial and error.

Check With Your Insurance Company

Your insurance company’s providers list is a potential gold mine when searching for a certified audiologist in your area and insurance network. Contacting your insurance company for a list of specialists who take your insurance can save you time, money, and stress, avoiding unexpected out-of-pocket fees from visits and wasted time searching online. Meeting the perfect audiologist through your insurance company may be just a click or phone call away.

Keep Searching For Excellent Care

When addressing something as important as your healthcare, it’s imperative to make sure you’re satisfied. It is your health after all. Setting the bar high will ensure that you do not settle for an audiologist who may not be exactly what you’re looking for. With 77% of Americans reporting that they are happy with the quality of care they receive and 80% trust their health care provider, you too can be part of that statistic by expecting excellent care. If you are not receiving the care you need, keep searching until you find an audiologist you trust, is in your insurance company’s network, provides outstanding care, and is highly recommended by your primary care physician. Did they listen to your concerns, take their time, or give you relevant information for treatment? Do you feel comfortable financially and socially with your audiologist? Asking these important questions can steer you in the right direction while searching for the perfect audiologist for your specific hearing health needs, whether you receive a referral or attempt it on your own.
If you ever have any questions about your hearing health, please feel free to reach out to our office and make an appointment with our hearing specialist. We are happy to offer you additional information about your hearing condition.


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