Hearing Aid Fitting And Repair

Often times, patients don’t realize how much they needed a hearing aid until the day they purchase them. These small devices end up becoming a crucial part of daily life, and making sure they are adjusted properly and well maintained can go a long way toward your overall hearing ability. We aim for each of our patients to have a completely successful outcome with their devices, which is why we spend time fitting and programming them to your specific needs. Rest assured, if your device is in need of a repair, our team is ready and available to get you back on the path to hearing well in no time.

Hearing Aid Fittings and Programming

At The Hearing Care Professionals we place a strong emphasis on finding the right hearing aid to meet your needs. Not only does this include selecting a style that’s comfortable and features the options you’re looking for, but it also involves the ability to program the device for your particular type of hearing loss. You will be fit with your new devices the day you purchase them, and we will spend time discussing the ins and outs of your new hearing aids.

Unlike so many advanced electronics in today’s day and age, hearing aids are not “plug and play” and require adjustments in order to achieve optimal results. During your fitting appointment, we will make the necessary changes needed to help your natural hearing ability, but your feedback is equally important. Many patients start wearing their devices the day they purchase them and find that while many sounds are enhanced, some noises aren’t quite right. We encourage our patients to write down these instances and visit us for a follow-up visit so that we can make small adjustments until your hearing aid is perfect for your daily life.

During this appointment we’ll also teach you how to handle your hearing aids, including how to clean and store them, proper techniques for insertion and removal, and how to change the batteries. While hearing aids are built to withstand daily wear and tear, they also require maintenance and care. Keep in mind that our team of experts is only just a phone call away should your device need any type of repair.

The most important element when adjusting to hearing aids is your patience and the understanding of appropriate expectations. Hearing aids do not instantly give you perfect hearing the moment you insert them, and a learning curve is almost always required in order to achieve success. The team at The Hearing Care Professionals wants you to enjoy your new devices, and we offer an open door policy if you find that further adjustments are necessary. We look forward to helping you achieve years of better hearing with your new hearing aids!

Hearing Aid Repair

Like many of today’s advanced electronic devices, hearing aids provide an immense benefit housed within a small package. With daily wear and tear and the need to perform 365 days a year, they can sometimes require a bit of maintenance or repair.

The experts at The Hearing Care Professionals understand how heavily you rely on your hearing aids, and our ability to repair your device is second to none. If you find that your hearing aid isn’t performing properly, bring it in to our office for a full evaluation. In many cases, we are able to make the necessary repairs that same day using our state-of-the-art tools. It’s our goal to get your device repaired efficiently and easily.

However, some instances call for a more detailed type of repair that is best left to the manufacturer. In this instance, we are happy to send your device in for servicing and will be sure to keep you updated on its status. We may have loaner hearing aids available in the meantime, as we know that going without your hearing aids can be a difficult feat for some.

Contact our office today if you find your device is in need of a repair, or if it’s just been a while since your hearing aid has had a professional cleaning. Our team is here to help keep your devices in top condition!

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